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Professional and Trusted Engine Rebuilders

Custom Engine Rebuilding Provides Ottawa Precision Rebuilding Services

Expert Rebuilding

At Custom Engine Rebuilding, we are a full engine machine ship offering the greater Ottawa area services from a total engine rebuild to the removal of a broken bolt. Our certified and licensed automotive machinists use the latest machinery to rebuild your engine at a cost much lower than you would expect.

Home of the Thread Doctor

Broke a bolt working on your car? Stripped a thread installing a new part? Give us a call today! Custom Engine Rebuilding can extract broken bolts and stripped holes, as well as remove broken drill bits and taps. The best part is we offer a mobile service that can come to you.

Engine Building Expertise

Your engine building options are limited only by your imagination at Custom Engine Rebuilding. Get the most power available from your engine with our cylinder boring and head reconditioning services. We also do crankshaft grinding, flywheel resurfacing, balancing services and more. We can improve the performance and reliability of your engine.

Performance Parts

We also offer a complete line of high performance parts for both gasoline and diesel applications. Choose high performance intakes, turbos, superchargers and more from world renowned brands such as Edelbrock® and Holley®.

Nitrous Power

Custom Engine Rebuilding refills nitrous bottles. We also sell nitrous systems from top vendors such as NOS, Nitrous Express, ZEX Performance and other top brands.

Professional Associations, Awards & Certifications

  • Automotive Power Machinist Certification

  • Licenced Automotive Machinist


Removing drill bits and taps


Expert Rebuilding Services

Welding, engine rebuilding, balancing and more!


Mobile Services

We come to you! Contact us today for details

3344 Rideau Rd, Gloucester, ON, K1G 3N4 |

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